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    VA Home Loan Benefits

    Qualified veterans and active-duty service members can be easily approved for home loans that cost less up front and over time than traditional mortgage borrowers. This makes it easier for current and former military families to become home owners, even if they don’t have a large amount of savings.

    Low Monthly Payments

    Low Monthly Payments

    Rates for VA home loans are some of the lowest in existence. This means you’ll be able to pay your mortgage off faster than if you had a traditional loan with the most competitive rates!

    No Down Payment

    No Down Payment

    The VA home loan is one of the only loans in today’s market that doesn’t require a down payment. This lowers your up-front cost and makes purchasing a home less stressful.

    Easy to Qualify

    Easy to Qualify

    Because the Department of Veterans Affairs backs part of your loan, lenders relax their financial requirements for you. You can be approved for a loan even if your credit isn’t ideal.

    Competitive Rates

    Competitive Rates

    Backing from the VA makes lenders more comfortable with offering lower interest rates. With a VA home loan, you’ll have access to some of the best interest rates available.

    Understanding the VA Home Loan

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees mortgages for qualified veterans, active-duty service members, and surviving spouses. Approved lenders offer less-stringent qualifications and better interest rates for VA loans than for comparable traditional mortgages. Other benefits include no required down payment, no private mortgage insurance, and lower closing costs. It’s easy to see why VA loans are one of the most powerful and most popular mortgage programs in the country.

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    Advantages for Military Home Buyers

    The American government appreciates the sacrifices made by military members and their families and offers the VA loan program and all its benefits as repayment for a small portion of those services. The many advantages of VA loans combine to provide easier qualification requirements, offer significant short- and long-term savings, and decrease stress throughout the entire loan process. Also, VA loans are specifically designed to meet the particular needs and challenges faced by military families.

    Lower Payments
    Lower Payments

    Without private mortgage insurance and with lower interest rates, your monthly payment for a VA loan will be much lower than a comparable conventional mortgage.

    No Down Payment
    No Down Payment

    VA home loans are one of the only lending options available today without a required down payment.

    Easier to Qualify
    Easier to Qualify

    It’s okay if you don’t have lots of savings or a great credit score. VA loans provide home-owning opportunities to people who might not qualify for traditional home loans.

    First-Time Buyers
    First-Time Buyers

    Lower monthly payments, no required down payment, and more lenient credit requirements make the VA loan program a great option for individuals and families looking to own a home for the first time.
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    Who Can Receive a VA Loan

    The Department of Veterans Affairs hopes to help as many people as possible through their home loan program. Those eligible to receive a VA loan include:

    • Military veterans and current personnel who have served at least 90 days during wartime or at least 181 consecutive days during peacetime
    • National Guard members and reservists who have served at least six years
    • Surviving spouses of service members killed in the line of duty or who died because of a disibility sustained during military service (as long as the spouse has not yet remarried)
    • Surviving spouses of MIA or POW service members (as long as the spouse has not yet remarried)
    • Cadets at various U.S. military academies
    • Certain other U.S. citizens who have military service records

    Refinance Your Home Through the VA

    The VA guarantees more than just home purchase loans. If you’re a qualified veteran, service member, or surviving spouse who already has a home mortgage, you can refinance your existing loan through the VA. Depending on your needs, you may be able to receive cash against your home’s equity in order to cover other expenses, or you may be able to streamline your current loan into one with a lower, fixed interest rate.

    Your VA Mortgage Can Help You Build Credit

    The VA loan program can help you purchase a home even if you don’t have great credit, and making consistent payments toward that loan will actually build your credit over time. Just remember that “over time” is the key: it’s not a good idea to apply for a lot of loans and/or open a lot of credit cards all at once.

    Take Advantage of Great Interest Rates

    Because of the government guaranty on their loans, VA borrowers have access to some of the lowest interest rates available. This great benefit will allow you to pay less each month and to pay off your loan more quickly than if you had a higher interest rate from a conventional loan.

    dollar signWhat Is a VA Loan?

    Current and former military members and their families can receive home loans that are partially guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This makes it easier to buy or build a new home or refinance an existing loan for people whose credit is less than stellar or who don’t have a lot of money saved up due to the realities of military life.

    dollar sign Who Can Receive a VA Loan?

    Eligibility for a loan through the VA is based on your number of days of military service during wartime or peacetime, or on your years of service in the National Guard or Reserves. Also, spouses of service people who died in the line of duty or from a disability resulting from active duty are eligible for a VA loan, as long as the surviving spouse has not yet remarried.

    dollar sign Why Is a VA Loan Better than a Traditional Mortgage?

    Although circumstances vary for everyone, most VA loan borrowers are able to purchase their new home without making any down payment. They also don’t have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI), while traditional mortgages may require up to a 20% down payment as well as paying PMI. VA borrowers usually have an easier time qualifying for loans and securing low interest rates than traditional mortgage borrowers. VA loans also limit the amount that borrowers can pay in closing costs and other fees.

    dollar sign How Can I Use a VA Home Loan?

    Home loans through the VA are usually used to purchase a stationary home, which may mean a house, a condominium, or a townhouse. They can also be used to buy a lot and build a home on it, to purchase a new home and make environmentally-friendly improvements to it, or to purchase a multi-unit home (such as a duplex or four-plex), as long as one of the units will become the borrower’s primary residence.

    dollar sign Can I Refinance an Existing Loan Through the VA?

    There are two options for refinancing through the VA. The first, a cash-out refinance loan, allows borrowers to receive cash (sometimes up to 100% of the value of their home) against their home’s equity, and they can use that cash to cover other expenses. The second, an interest rate reduction refinance loan (also known as “IRRRL” or “streamline loan”) lets borrowers who originally had high interest rates or adjustable interest rates refinance into loans with lower, fixed rates.

    dollar sign What Is an FHA Loan?

    The United States Federal Housing Authority offers a number of different government-backed home loans for eligible borrowers. While the terms of a VA loan are often more beneficial than an FHA loan, requirements for approval through the VA are stricter, so FHA loans provide another option for military borrowers and their families who need a little more financial leeway.