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    VA Loans Finance: Our Mission to Serve

    While the details of the “American dream” have changed over the decades, its basic premise is still pervasive in the early twenty-first century, guiding our lives and our choices even more than we may realize until we stop and think about it. Americans believe in success through hard work, in setting goals and pushing forward till those goals are accomplished, in changing our own lives and communities for the better through a combination of determination and compassion. The Declaration of Independence, the founding document of our country, unlike anything the world had seen at the time it was written, proclaims that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are “unalienable rights,” freedoms that each human being deserves simply because they are human.

    From time to time, forces around the world threaten the security of the American dream, and each time they are faced with the might of our armed forces, a proud and strong collection of some of the nation’s finest men and women who have willingly shouldered the responsibility of protecting the freedoms our country holds dear. Even in peacetime, our military service people work daily to preserve and advance the American dream, never knowing when the next direct threat might occur. The spouses and families of these brave men and women also play a tremendous role in defending our way of life, making every necessary sacrifice so their loved ones can carry out their important duties.

    The particulars of the American dream vary from person to person, from family to family, but at its core, it’s the ability to live a safe, comfortable life with enough financial stability to travel, pursue hobbies, or achieve any other life goals. For many, the foundation of their dream is owning a house that meets their family’s needs without an enormous mortgage or other loans. This is where our family of specialists and lenders enters the picture.

    The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal,” and while this is certainly true, it’s also true that the circumstances in which they find themselves may sometimes be markedly unequal. For many military families, dealing with multiple deployments and/or frequent moves around the United States or the world can make it difficult to solidify their finances or accumulate a good credit score, which may cause many lenders to hesitate if these families apply for conventional home loans. To even the playing field and in gratitude for the service and sacrifices given by American military members, the United States government offers special VA loans to those who qualify. When the government essentially co-signs a loan, the American dream becomes much more achievable.

    Fortress VA Loans is experienced in all aspects of the VA loan system, from the prequalification process to the intricacies of closing on a house. Our family of VA loan specialists and lenders will be with you every step of the way to provide information, answer questions, alert you to deadlines, and keep the process running smoothly. Our aim is to make the process as seamless as possible, offering you help every step of the way.

    Without the hard work and collaboration of all citizens, the American dream remains just that – a dream, something hoped for but not yet accomplished. We must all strive together to see it through to the end. When our military heroes perform their duties and their families make the necessary sacrifices, they’ve contributed their part. It then falls to the rest of us to pick up where they left off. By assisting veterans, active-duty military personnel, and surviving spouses as they navigate the VA loans process and become home owners, we continue that work. Each time we close on a house and a qualified military family receives the keys to their new home, we bring the American dream one step closer to reality.