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California truly offers something for everyone. Northern California has beautiful redwood forests, Lake Tahoe, mountains and a thriving agricultural region, while Southern California is known for beautiful weather, movie stars and the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a California native who’s looking for a place to settle after your time in service is over or you’re stationed in California for a short time, California VA Loans and California VA Loan Refinancing from can help ensure that you get a great interest rate on no money down California VA Loans and California VA Loan Refinancing. If you’re already a homeowner, can even help reduce your monthly payment by providing refinancing for VA Loans.

The process for applying for California VA Loans and California VA Loan Refinancing is easy! Our VA Loan application form has everything necessary so we can quickly pre-approve you; however, if you have questions, we can be reached at or by phone at (866) 216-3577. Our knowledgeable and experienced VA home mortgage experts will be able to answer any question you may have about VA loans or about refinancing an existing loan.

Qualifying for California VA Loans and California VA Loan Refinancing Is Easy!

Our VA loan eligibility page has all the information you need to find out if you’re eligible for California VA mortgage loans. If you have specific question or a unique circumstance, contact us so that we help determine your eligibility and walk you through the process for VA mortgages.

Basic qualifications for California VA Loans and California VA Loan Refinancing loan include:

  • Active duty service for 90 days or more during wartime
  • Active duty service for 180 days or more during peacetime
  • Honorable discharge from your service branch
  • You are on active duty
  • Being the surviving spouse of a Veteran who died in service or as a result of a service-related injury, providing that you have not remarried.

Simply fill out our easy California VA loan qualification form and you’ll be on your way to home ownership! Your local California VA loan expert will be able to help you find your VA COE or your DD214. We value your time and we won’t make you jump through hoops to purchase your home with a VA loan.

We promise that won’t have to worry about:

  • Hidden fees
  • Stress
  • Excess paperwork

If you have questions regarding your debt to income ratio or your individual credit score, we can help answer them. We’ll explain how these things can affect your interest rate, as well as let you know what type of documentation we need so you can apply for VA home loans in California.

Call us today at (866) 216-3577, use our Contact Form or email us at We’ll contact you quickly with the answers to your questions, whether you want to use VA Loans California to buy a new home or to refinance your current loan to save money.

California Veteran Mortgage Refinancing Options Save You Money!

Do you already own a home with a VA home loan? If so, we can help with a California VA mortgage refinance. Our VA mortgage refinancing program is easy and requires minimal paperwork, whether you’re interested in a streamline refinance or a cash-out refinance. Take advantage of the lowest interest rates in years with California VA mortgage refinancing from

The Housing Market in California

The local housing market in California is quite varied, depending on where you’re planning to live. In some areas, such as Twentynine Palms, the median sales price is around $119,000. However, in more expensive areas, such as Malibu or Beverly Hills, the median sales price is around $4,000,000.

  • Median value of owner-occupied housing units: $211, 500
  • Median asking price for housing units: $151,900
  • In less expensive areas, the VA loan limit is $424,100*. However, more expensive counties have higher limits.
  • The higher limits on California VA loans helps ensure that Veterans can purchase a home using their entitlement, even in local areas where homes are more expensive.

Why Veterans Love California

  • There are over 30 different military installations scattered throughout California. These include Camp Pendleton, which trains all male Marines who enter service west of the Mississippi. At any given time, around 100,000 Marines are stationed at Camp Pendleton.
  • Over 200,000 Californians are employed with the military, either as active duty servicemembers, as Reservists or with the Department of Defense. Even more are employed with companies that work directly with the Department of Defense as contractors.
  • California has nearly 38 million people and is home to three of the country’s most populous cities: Los AngelesSan Diego and San Jose.
  • California is thought to be one of the more liberal states. Over 40% of the state’s population identifies as Democrats and just slightly over 30% identify as Republicans.
  • The climate is pleasant in most of the state, with cool, rainy winters and dry summers.
  • The state is known for its hospitals. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is one of the United State’s top 25 hospitals for cardiac bypass surgery, neurosurgery and OB-GYN. The University of California, San Francisco Medical Center has received the title of “Comprehensive Cancer Center” and is just one of a handful of hospitals to receive this honor.

Alternatives to California VA Loans and California VA Loan Refinancing Include FHA Loans

If you’re not qualified for a Veteran home mortgage or VA mortgage refinance, don’t worry! can also help with California FHA loans and FHA refinance loans. The FHA mortgage is a government-backed program where homeowners can purchase a new home with just 3.5% down. Additionally, the program has different credit requirements, which makes an FHA purchase loan an ideal choice for buyers with less than perfect credit.

At, we think every Veteran should be able to purchase a home with a Veteran mortgage. That’s why we work tirelessly with every Veteran to help them find the loan that’s right for them.

Call us today at (866) 216-3577, use our Contact Form or email us at We’ll contact you quickly with the answers to your questions, whether you want to use VA loans to buy a new home or to refinance your current loan to save money.

*VA Loan Limits are accurate as of 01-01-17. Source:, 2013 VA County Loan Limits

Information relating to income and housing prices was sourced in 2013.  It may or may not have changed over time for your state and city.  Please reference your local census data for more accurate information.

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