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At FortressVALoans.com, we salute your service. That’s why we’re dedicated to making the home buying process an easy one for our military service members and veterans.

Why Use FortressVALoans.com For Your VA Loan Or FHA Loan?

We work for YOU. At FortressVALoans.com, we never forget about your service and we’re experts in VA mortgages. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of VA loans and our knowledgeable veteran home loan officers will be able to walk you through the entire process from start to finish, answer your questions openly and honestly, and work to get you the best loan possible.

We know that time with your family is precious, and we won’t waste it by making you jump through hoops or miles of red tape. A veteran mortgage is one of the many military benefits that you’re entitled to and we want using this benefit to be easy and stress-free.

We are THE VA Home Loan Experts!

Feel secure you are choosing the most qualified VA Loan experts. Maximize your financial benefits.

Although the lifeline extended by the US government is a federal program, the government is not actually in the business of providing home loans to veterans. Instead, private lenders such as banks, savings & loans, or mortgage companies finance your VA home loan. The Department of Veteran Affairs role is as guaranty of VA loans, protecting private lenders from total loss resulting from the default of a home loan. The protection by the government against total loss is just enough incentive for private lenders to offer veterans great terms on all VA home loans.

In order to take advantage of all the benefits a government backed home loan offers, you must choose the right lender. Not all local lenders offer VA loans. Choose a VA approved lending institution to handle your home loan. A VA approved home loan lender must pass stringent requirements before receiving approval by the Department of Veteran Affairs is granted. Your US government wants to make sure you and your family are taken care of by a competent and knowledgeable VA Home Loan entity. Feel confident during every step of the home buying process and beyond that you have a VA Home Loan expert on your side.

As a VA approved lender we have experience with the VA loan application process.  We also ensure we are knowledgeable in all current VA legislation in consideration on the floor of the United States Congress. As leading industry experts, we make sure our information to help you successfully apply for a VA Mortgage is the most current information available.

One of our in-house VA loan officers will help you navigate through the loan process quickly, easily, and successfully. Let us eliminate the red tape typically encountered during the home loan application process. We want you, our military hero, to take advantage of all the benefits you are entitled to.

A VA loan officer will guide you through every step, answer all the questions you may have during your loan process, and assist you in gathering all the necessary paperwork needed to expedite your move into your new home.

We only rest when you move into your new home secured by a VA guaranteed mortgage. And even after you and your family are moved into your new home, if you ever need us in the future, we will be here to assist you.

Our VA Home Loan specialists are also experts in VA Home Loan Refinance, VA Home Loan Relocation, and VA Home Loan PCS Transfers. 

Qualified service members have the opportunity to purchase a home with $0 down payment. Additionally, VA Home Loan benefits include lower interest rates, a lower monthly mortgage payment, no private mortgage insurance to pay, buyer’s closing costs are limited, and an appraisal can be done to inform the buyer of the property value.

Best of all, you may qualify with a lower debt to income ratio and lower credit score. During this time in our economic recession, we can all use a little help to realize our dreams of homeownership while saving money on monthly mortgage payments.

Get Pre-Qualified In Minutes And Talk To A Local VA Loan Specialist

In just a few minutes, we can have you pre-qualified for your VA mortgage. There are no stresses, no hassles and most importantly, no hidden fees! Just fill out our simple online form and a local professional who’s experienced in VA loans will contact you to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

If you don’t qualify for a VA loan, we can help you get an FHA loan, which is an excellent alternative with its own set of unique benefits. If you already have an FHA mortgage, we can help you save money through a FHA refinance loan.

You Should Expect Only The Best From The Lender You Choose

We are a local FHA and VA approved lender and that’s an honor we don’t take lightly. We know how hard you’ve worked to earn your benefits and we can help with determining VA loan eligibility, including obtaining your DD214 or VA loan COE. All of our veteran loan officers are up to date on the latest regulations and even legislation that’s pending by the United States Congress.

Don’t leave your veteran loan up to a bank that may only handle one or two veteran mortgages a month. FHA and veteran loans are what we specialize in, and we’re experts on the process. Did you know that you may qualify for an FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage that can be used in conjunction with the FHA Section 203(k) – which allows you to roll certain rehab costs into your mortgage? At Capital Bank, N.A., we use our extensive knowledge of VA and FHA loans to get you the best loan possible!

Don’t Pay Too Much! Consider An FHA Or Veteran Mortgage Refinance

If you already have a traditional mortgage, FHA loan or VA mortgage, we can help with veteran mortgage refinancing or FHA refinance loans. Interest rates are at an all-time low, which means that we can potentially shave hundreds of dollars off your monthly mortgage payment. What could you do with an extra couple hundred dollars a month?

Low Credit Concerns?
Veterans may even qualify for a VA loan or VA loan refinancing with a lower debt to income ration and lower credit score, which means there’s no reason not to get pre-qualified and take advantage of your benefits.

If you’re interested in living the American dream and becoming a home owner with a $0 down, federally backed loan, fill out our easy online form to get on the road towards home ownership. Our job isn’t done until your family is moved into the home of your dreams